Results of Tests.

Each doctor will discuss what you need to do, to obtain test results. Usually you will be asked to make a follow-up appointment if necessary, and it is very important that this is with the doctor that ordered the tests, wherever possible. Patients with significant tests are followed up directly by urgency of the medical problem. Doctors are not routinely able to discuss results over the telephone, unless a special arrangement has been made. Under the doctors authority, staff will advise patients if the results are normal and do not need further attention.



Follow Up of Test Results.

Doctor will advise you when and how to follow up any tests you may be asked to have. In the event that a test result needs further attention the clinic will contact you regarding this matter and advise you of the action needed to be taken. Please let the clinic know of any changes in address and phone numbers.



Restricted Medications.

Our doctors will not prescribe restricted medications, or other drugs or potential abuse, to new patients on their first consultation. This includes strong pain killers, and most sleeping tablets or sedatives. Instead we will make arrangements to collect all required information and permissions as quickly as possible, to allow us to prescribe responsibly and safely. We will not make exceptions to the rules, which are a Department of Health requirement, so please do not ask us to do so.



Phoning Your Doctor.

Your regular doctor may arrange to phone you under particular circumstances. Unfortunately we are not able to connect telephone calls to our doctors routinely, as the interruption caused to the patients they are seeing can be harmful. Our staff will be able to pass on a message to your doctor. If you have left a message, the message will be passed on in a timely manner and it will be at the doctors’ discretion to return the call at a time convenient to them.




National guidelines do not permit the use of email to send private medical information, as confidentially cannot be guaranteed. When contacting specialists or other services electronically, our doctors use a secure email system to protect confidentiality.



Abusive Behavior or Language.

Abusive behavior will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We will strive to protect our staff and other patients from bad language or abusive behavior. Any person who is not able to respect our request will be asked to leave, and may be asked to transfer their care to another provider.



Non-Medicare Consultations.

Please be aware that some consultations are not funded by Medicare. Examples include: most pre-employment medical examinations or reports, paperwork or other discussion about a legal case, any consultation about a patient who is not present (e.g. a parent asking about their child, when the child does not attend). In these circumstances you will need to pay the full fee, so we ask you to let us know in advance to avoid misunderstanding.



Removal of Sutures.

Your doctor or the nurse will arrange for you to attend to have stitches removed. An appointment will be made with the treatment room nurse for this purpose. If your stitches were put in by a private specialist you will need to attend their rooms for suture removal unless they have made a prior arrangement with us.



Cultural Background.

To assist our Doctors in addressing individual needs, we encourage you to self identify your cultural background by advising our staff who will update your medical records.



Patient Identification.

To ensure we deliver the correct treatment, care and results for you, patient identification will be asked for at each visit, e.g. full name, birth date and address.


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